ACROTECH has specialized in the manufacturing of High Speed, High Accuracy EDM¡BDrilling EDM¡BWire Cut EDM. ¡§Perfection, Efficiency, Specialization¡¨¡K this is the spirit our company adheres to in all aspects of its endeavors, and over the past decade these ideals have helped mold us to be one of the leaders in our field.
As sales span the five continents of the planet, ACROTECH never rests in its development of new products and raised quality. In fact, it's the mission our company has been committed to from the beginning.

Be it for quality or technology, ACROTECH has earned the approval of clients world wide. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our R&D and production line, and it's what we deliver comprehensively beyond the boundaries of our service network.

Our Products¡G
1.EDM: ZNC series / PNC series / CNC series
2.Drilling EDM: NA series / ZA series / CA series
3.Wire Cut EDM: S series / E series